''In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.''
label History
Gandalf the Gray is the well-known magician from the series of the English writer J. R. R. Tolkien, “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of The Rings”.
In 1955, J. R. R Tolkien said in one letter to the writer W. H. Auden, that in a summer when he signed a few scholar certifications, he found an empty page and, in a moment of enlightenment, he written about a hobbit that lived in a hole in the ground. Tolkien declared that he could not remember exactly when he wrote the first paragraph or chapter, but instead he said that nothing was not planned and was not conscious that the story progressed while the ideas appeared into his mind. His second son, Michael, suggested the year 1929 as starting point of the novel.
For a short period of time after first phrase was written, Tolkien draw just the Thror’s map, which represent the territory where the most important events took placed. After this, Tolkien wrote chapters easily, with a minimal number of corrections, until the death of the dragon, that was named Pryftan. In the first version, Gandalf was the name of the leader of gnomes, while the wizard was named Bladorthin.
dashboard The years of publication
1. The Hobbit - 1937
2. The Lord of The Rings- The Fellowship of the Rings - 1954
3. The Lord of The Rings- The Two Towers - 1954
4. The Lord of The Rings- The RErurn of the King - 1955
visibility Gandalf's transformation
And, of course, my character includes two wizards: Gandalf the Gray, the one that everybody knows wears a pointy hat. And when he went missing and it is thought that he died, he is revived by Tolkien, which is Gandalf the White in Lord of The Rings. So, in this way I got to play two roles. Says Ian McKellen.
language The Story
The Hobbit says the story of the Middle Earth which is crossed by a group of travelers with Gandalf the Gray in front of them, dwarves and one hobbit, Bilbo Baggins. They were heading towards The Erabor Citadel, that was under the rule of the dragon Smaug for the sixty years. The road takes our adventurers in the dead end of Misty Mountains where they had to change the path through a cave, where Bilbo will meet with Gollum and he will take his precious ring. The travelers arrived in Erabor where with the help of Gollum’s ring, Bilbo will find the Jewel of Mountain, the one who has the jewel was considered the master of Misty Mountains. In this way, the dragon is destroyed by a man who lived in the City of the Lake. In the end, after sixty years, the domination of Erabor is in the hands of dwarves.
The Lord of The Rings follows the Hobbit story, the accent is put on the ring taken by Bilbo in the cave of Misty Mountains. The action is outlined through the desire of destroying the Dark Lord’s Ring which brings problems and changes in behavior for the one who had this. As the inheritor of the ring, Frodo is the one who has the responsibility of destroying the instrument of darkness. In this way, Frodo with his friends, are starting in the adventure of their life guided by Gandalf the Gray. They will arrive in Rivendell, the land of elves, where an elf, named Legolas, a human named Boromir, and a gnome, Gimili, will join, and with their help they will put the base to The Fellowship of the Ring. In this new journey there will be a fierce battle between good, represented by the Fellowship of the Ring and its helpers, against evil, consisted by the orcs led by Saruman the White who used to be on good side. The end presents Saruman and his armies obliterated and the ring being destroyed. Also the end depicts Frodo’s injuries which are going to be healed while travelling with Bilbo to the Lands of Immortality, where he will find his peace.
movie Screenings
Tolkien’s books were the foundation of two great trilogies from movie industry: The Hobbit which follows the destiny of Bilbo Baggins and his friends, including Gandalf, and The Lord of The Rings in which the Gandalf will transformed.
While Harry Potter’s movies and Merlin TV Show were shot in Great Britain, Hobbit and Lord of the Rings where filmed in over 150 locations all over the world, including the most important one: Wellington, New Zeeland.
Peter Jackson, the movie director, saying about the hobbit role:Despite the various rumours and speculation surrounding this role, there has only ever been one Bilbo Baggins for us. There are a few times in your career when you come across an actor who you know was born to play a role, but that was the case as soon as I met Martin Freeman. He is intelligent, funny, surprising and brave- exactly like Bilbo and I feel incredibly proud to be able to announce that he is our Hobbit.
queue The impact of the series with Gandalf
The series “The Lord of The Rings” had a great impact for the popular culture since its appearance due to the fact that teenagers did not received the books just like a simple story, for them “Frodo lives!” or “Gandalf president!” being two phrases that are so popular among fans of Tolkien. Some recent examples for the influence are the chess or Monopoly.
Tolkien’s books had a great influence also in musical domain. The rock bands from the seventies were inspired musical and textual by the fantasy stories of those times. The Britain band Led Zeppelin is possible to be the most known band influenced by the Tolkien books.
Later, in eighty and ninety years, some metal bands were inspired from the dark and evil side of the series, the German band, Blind Guardian, the Austrian trope, Summoning and well-known Finnish band, Nightwish.
supervisor_account How important was Gandalf from the main actor?
What I like the most at him? He is loved specially because he is always the defender of the Middle Earth, and this is his work. He is always there and he made everything to warn the population of Middle Earth about the possible dangers and assure them a shelter. Gandalf is not infallible, but it is evermore good intentional. I think that one of the most relevant moments of the first movie is when Bilbo offers to Gandalf the ring for safekeeping, but the wizard says: ”No, no, no, no. do not give it to me. Even I cannot keep it safe, it is that powerful.“ Therefore, he has what we believe to be a human weakness, although he is not in a human presence: he has over seven thousands years old. Gandalf was with us always. Actually, what especially I like at him is just that he is so human. He sometimes likes to smoke and drink.
Also, he loves hobbits and likes to spend the time with them. We often see him behavior in his free time. But, the great part of his time is occupied to helping others, and he becomes, sometimes, a little impatient, when people did not immediately mobilizes to make what he thinks is necessary. So, this aspects made Gandalf human. Gandalf is a trustworthy person and for the young, he is like a grand-father. Maybe you do not succeed to know him because he has in his eyes a sparkle and he is always prepared for a joke. However, Gandalf is truly serious, and he knows it the best. It is a very rarely chance to have the opportunity to play a character that not only just tries to be good, but is purely and simply good.